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Sea kayak is our tool for jorney to the ocean 70% of the earth is covered by from the ancient times
But the tool that use power of nature is rapidly getting less from industrial revolution
Jogging and climbing become part of our life nowadays,
but the tool of the sea is still undeveloped
Sea kayak is one of the tool that restore the senses
We would like sea kayak that most powerful tool in the sea to be more popular,
also our indastry as well

These are our mission

Sea kayak journey
Human being from
the ancient times

The sea is very expressive
When we start puddling,

We have to handle any situation,

and just keep puddling

We cannot play with the sea without knowledge and power
We live with the sea with the help of the sea
like same as our society

To row to the sea

To Learn how to live


Half day

1day tour

Our style

7 points


All-day tour Outline & types
Mizuoti waterfall & snorkeling
Adanade waterfall & canyoning
Nahra waterfall & trekking
Hopping island & snorkeling
Half-day tour Outline & types
Snorkeling & kayaking
Mangrove & kayaking
Sunset cafe kayaking
Camp tour Outline & types
2days 1night camp
3days 2nights camp
Introduction of our shop
The theme of our tour
Safety and technical improvement
Iriomote's best fieid
Popular lunch
Our management philosophy
About sea kayak
Introduction of the representative
How to choose tours
About reservation

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