Iriomote Canoe Sea Kayak Adventuer Tour. We are professional guide of Iriomote, MANSAKU TOUR SERVICE. Trekking Snorkeling Canyoning Mangrove Waterfall Camping. Go wildly.


Resavation and

The first time to came to Iriomote,sea kayak bigginer,
family with kids,travels alone
trifle things about insecure or worries
We would like to get in touch with you a alot,
then solve your worries before your jorney begin.

If you do not have stamina,it is no problem.
We need you who just have playful mind and motivation.
We support you to the best of our ability.

For kayaking on tne best field
For experience that change your life
We are waiting for you with that feeling

Please ask us even trifle things

From bigginer,woman to expert, we support you depens on experiense

Please read our policy first.

- Our tour - pursue safe and skill - Particular about feild - Our special lunch
About sea kayak - About MANSAKU

Please send us e-mail or call us about reservation and enquiry

Shop adress:1499-24 Irimote,Taketomi-cho,Yaeyamagun,Okinawa 907-1542
There is our shop in Shirahama where westernmost of is nice location in front of the sea.

About reservation and Inquiry

- We can not open the attachment.Please send only text.
- Please write two of your mail adress.cell phone or PC
- Our reply send to your spam folder sometimes,please check your spam folder as well.
- We reply within 48 hours.
- When you do not recieve our reply more than 48 hours,your mail does not send to us.
If you do not recieve our reply, please call us directly.
- For yahoo adress user, our reply send to your spam folder in many cases.
- If you have Hotmail or G-mail,we reply other email adress (It is difficult to reply to Hotmail and G-mail)

You can make a reservation after you got a ticket for airplane.

You must get a ticket for airplane first.
After you made a reservation,we do not change the date,course and cancel. (except for the weather)
※That is impossible,but just in case,if we change the date with our convenience (ex:Guide injured,festival) ,we will contact you soon.

Please answer these questions,when you make a reservation.

- Name of each guest,Number of guests
- The course what you want (sea,mountain,waterfall and river)
- the age,the sex,the size of the feet,the height,the weight
- If your weight is over 100 kg (please ask us)   you can not get on a kayak if you can not see your belly by yourself
- The date : please tell us the date when is good for you ( between 〇th and 〇th,if you have 2days it helps to organize your schedule.)
Our tour is priority will be given to the guests.if you and first guest want to go same place,you can join.if it is not, please change your date. (please ask us first)
Our tour style is small.if you have any dates,you can join the tour what you want.Please conact us as soon as possible.
- Contact    your cell phone which bring to Iriomote
- Your hotel
- Your aregy and sick
- Experience about kayak
   please tell us exact place,how many hours,if you have experience in Iriomote,please tell us name of shop,the place where you went.

Guest note

- There is not the bathroom in the nature.
- We provide a waterproof bag for free, so you can bring your camera, wallet, mobile phone. We can keep your stuff.
- Please follow a manner about the nature. ※ must bring portable ashtray
- You can not go to our tour if you want to take a plant or catch animals.
- Guest who is under highschool student must be with parents.
- Children who do not walk alone,pregnant women can not join our tour.
- Please tell us if you have a bisabling condition when you make a reservation.We have the tour which you enjoy with your partner.

When we change the tour

- We change the course depens on the weather and situation.
   We go to the tour by guide's judgment even its stormy weather.
- Guest who does not look well.
- Guest who pose a problem for the tour.
- The weather is stormy and danger by guide's judgment.
- It is going to be stormy weather.
- When your guide has sick or injured.

If you want to cancel,please call us.

- We do not accept the cancel by e-mail and FAX.
- About 1 day tour,you do not pay cancel charge when you cancel by 2 days before.
- About 1 day tour,you have to pay all charge when you cancel on the day or the day before.
   We do not return your charge after go to the tour.
- You have to pay all charge when you cancel on the day or the day before by your convenient.
- Please pay your cancel charge and transfer fee to our account.


Half day

1day tour

Our style

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All-day tour Outline & types
Mizuoti waterfall & snorkeling
Adanade waterfall & canyoning
Nahra waterfall & trekking
Hopping island & snorkeling
Half-day tour Outline & types
Snorkeling & kayaking
Mangrove & kayaking
Sunset cafe kayaking
Camp tour Outline & types
2days 1night camp
3days 2nights camp
Introduction of our shop
The theme of our tour
Safety and technical improvement
Iriomote's best fieid
Popular lunch
Our management philosophy
About sea kayak
Introduction of the representative
How to choose tours
About reservation

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