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Mangrove & kayaking
Half day tour

AM 8:30-11:30
PM 13:30-16:30

Adult 7000yen
Child 5000yen
to a junior high student

A definitive edition

of Mangrove by Kayak

We meet at "Shirahama conue noriba"
After teaching how to puddling,
we get on the kayak.
We prepare for your kayak depens on experiense,
stamina and number of people
(single,tandem,triple,get on the kayak with guide...)
If you have request,please let us know.
(Guide judges which kayak is good for you eventually)
course and route will be changing
due to the weather,condition and tide.
If the weather is calm,you can access red line.
Mansaku Tour Service
Shirahama canoe port
Nahra river
Nahra waterfall
Nahra waterfall
Cape tobaru
Ida beach
Funauki village
Uchihanare Island
Drip coffee or tea,
brown sugar from Iriomote,

Free transport in Iriomote and access from Ishigaki are HERE

 Free rental items(We have a large selection of item) (avilable from 2 guest / you can be back to Ishigaki the same day)   

 Included tea / kayak (and accesssories) / puddling (and trekking)globe /others (shoes,waterproof bag,raincoat..) * we don't snorkeling in this tour.  

 Outfit, What to bring  

Outfit : long shits with good breathable and ventilation,surf pants,lashgard

Hat : cap or hat with a strap(bill of the hut is small is better,you could see the front well)

Glasses : glasses with strap or contact lens(spare)

Change the clothes : you should bring it if you are back to Ishigaki(we have bathroom for changing clothes)

Towel : just one is good

Camera : you can bring your camera with our waterproof bag

Suncreem : you must bring

Insect repellent : our recommend is skin bape mist(スキンベープミスト)

 Avilable shower room(in front of the sea),you must bring your towel.  

After finishing tour,you can take a shower and change your clothes before you are back to Ishigaki. If you are staying on Iriomote,we take you to your hotel directly.

 About course  

  Bigginer and person who does not have stamina a lot are all welcome.elementary school kinds are for the upper grades,but if you have motivation,we fully support you. You can swim the waterfall and cyanioning depens on the weather and your rowing pase.  

 The main point is that sea kayaking at the mangrove.

 We go to the best field where we chose does not get crowed by a sea kayak

 It is about 1-2 hours for rowing a sea kayak.if your rowing pace is faster,you can go to the waterfall or trekking.

(The field is changing depens on the tide and your rowing pace)


Half day

1day tour

Our style

7 points


All-day tour Outline & types
Mizuoti waterfall & snorkeling
Adanade waterfall & canyoning
Nahra waterfall & trekking
Hopping island & snorkeling
Half-day tour Outline & types
Snorkeling & kayaking
Mangrove & kayaking
Sunset cafe kayaking
Camp tour Outline & types
2days 1night camp
3days 2nights camp
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The theme of our tour
Safety and technical improvement
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